Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Who's that spying? Just Patrick! And look, new cables are installed. Posted by Hello

The back porch looking out towards the master Posted by Hello

The kitchen looking through the bar Posted by Hello

The roof Posted by Hello

The new roof Posted by Hello

Since I pull cable for a living...I pulled a nice big bunch for my own house. Every room has 4 data, 4 telco, and 2 video jacks arranged to that you can get services on either side of the room. Both the garage and the living room are prewired for surround sound. The back porch is prewired for video and sound, and I put enough cable for data in the guest room that there was no need to even use studs! (haha) It does help being able to do that stuff yourself. And...I got to use scraps to do all of the work so it cost me hardly nothing. We have been very blessed to get as much help as we have so far.  Posted by Hello

We got ourselves a new fangled roof Posted by Hello

Only I could get excited about an electric panel Posted by Hello

Oohh la la...electric service (that took forever to be installed by the city/county/whatever...) Posted by Hello

The dining room Posted by Hello

This is the stone that we are going to use for the outside of the house. Posted by Hello

Rocks Posted by Hello

More rocks Posted by Hello

And a darker tan Posted by Hello

Kinda red coloring to the rocks Posted by Hello

More rocks Posted by Hello

Guess Posted by Hello

Rocks Posted by Hello

Rocks Posted by Hello

The master bathroom's shower stall Posted by Hello

The master bath Posted by Hello

The master bedroom Posted by Hello

The entry Posted by Hello

Sunrise through the entry way. The windows in the back look out the back yard. Posted by Hello

Some exciting contstruction stuff Posted by Hello