Monday, February 28, 2005

We are pleased to present...the paintin', maskin', and mason-in-in' of 'da house in pictorrial foremat. Hahahaha Posted by Hello

the painting process begins Posted by Hello

Looking out the other guest bedroom, aka mission control Posted by Hello

Looking out Brian's room...err...the guest room window Posted by Hello

The master closet. What else can I say... Posted by Hello

The view out of the master bedroom...The black errosion control fence farthest out is the back of the yard. Medium goodness! Posted by Hello

Looking into the master bath Posted by Hello

The royal quarters Posted by Hello

The garage...which...why in the heck do you paint and finish a garage? I'm not complaining, but I'm afraid to park a car in here now! Hahaha Posted by Hello

Da Da...The view... Posted by Hello

The pantry and the laundry room door...a match made in heaven...(Which Lisa just had to tell me how to spell...sad...) Posted by Hello

The "entertainment" nook...with Fritz on the task, you know it will be nifty.  Posted by Hello

Trim is done...looks nice... Posted by Hello

Looking back towards the kitchen and the dining room... Posted by Hello

Ahhh.... Posted by Hello

Linz...these are the doors into the bottomless pit of careful! Posted by Hello

We wanted to have a fire this night, but... Posted by Hello

Into the living room...from the dining room...with the revolver... Posted by Hello

Into the living room from the kitchen. Note the use of the bar! I'm not wasting any time...Nice! Posted by Hello

painting... Posted by Hello

From the front door looking out the back Posted by Hello

OK...remember that other stone that we showed you earlier in our adventures...forget that. here's the REAL stone. The BEST stone. The ONLY stone. Hahahah!! Posted by Hello

it's stone...on a house... Posted by Hello

Looking towards the street from the back corner of the house. (Notice the wood siding on the right...stone on 3 sides...we're not THAT fancy!) Posted by Hello

Outside the master bath Posted by Hello