Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Well folks, it's been a long journey but we have arrived at 103 N. Meadowlark. Lakway, Tx. 78734. Enjoy... Posted by Hello

The house.  Posted by Hello

The front Posted by Hello

The front door. Notice the plants, they are so happy here. Further down you can see how they arrived.  Posted by Hello

So nice... Posted by Hello

Abby and alex say hello and welcome Posted by Hello

The greeters Alex and Arthur Posted by Hello

The study, or should I say the place where I throw things right now.  Posted by Hello

The master bath. Already a mess.  Posted by Hello

The new steps leading up to the porch.  Posted by Hello

Mr. Bubble. The only way to take a bubble bath Posted by Hello

The yard...or what will one day become the yard. Already have our chimes and bird food out. Feels like home already Posted by Hello

The kitchen. (The plate looks great Teresa!) Posted by Hello

Caught you eating on the counter! Posted by Hello

Alex always on patrol. Making sure no morsels have hit the ground.  Posted by Hello

The living room, dining room, and kitchen. Check out the cool cowboy light fixture.  Posted by Hello

The kitchen looking so nice! Way to go Lisa... Posted by Hello

The living room looking back towards the entry. (Your table looks great Mom!) Posted by Hello

Eye-rock watching out over the living room Posted by Hello

Arthur being fascinated by the ceiling fan. Easily amused.  Posted by Hello

The guest bath Posted by Hello

The guest bedroom all ready for Brian! Posted by Hello

A really lucky shot of some lightning.  Posted by Hello

Another blast. The sky was on fire. It is so hard to capture on film Posted by Hello

I got real lucky on this one.  Posted by Hello