Friday, February 02, 2007

The ceiling fan saga

So...we have a remote control ceiling fan in our bedroom. Seemed like a good idea...change the lighting and fan levels from bed and all. Well...there is interference in the neighborhood. Someone has something on the same frequency. After going round and round, it still won't work. The model is 288570-420. Hunter advised that we change channels on it. That means taking the whole fan down (which I did) and taking of the back of the remote (which I did) and set both to new channels. Worked great for a week, and then BLAM! What sucks is that when we get the interference, the fan hits Mach 10, and the light comes on full blast. Quite the wake up call at 3 am.

Not fixed yet...but a lot less frequent. Some neighbors moved out...maybe it was them the whole time.